Exit - Know Jesus Exit - Know Jesus
Script: PART 2 [1. Robin view] Robin: Batman. When I got here I felt so lost. [2. Batman Jesus view] Batman: Robin, stop. [3. Robin view] Robin: I couldn't hold up. It was too weird. I'm from the 40's. [4. Batman slap] Batman: Pull yourself together. You're a superhero! [5. Robin view] Robin: But I'm not. I'm not a superhero. I'm just a meme. And Jesus gave me solice. [6. Robin close up] Robin: I know Jesus. I know peace. [7. Batman Jesus view] Batman: I'M JESUS NOW! [8. Robin view] Robin: Batman. I'm staying. [9. Batman view] Batman: You're all dead memes walking. [10. Batman leaving] Batman: At least, you're dead to me.