It's a Clip Episode - Phillip J. Fry It's a Clip Episode - Phillip J. Fry It's a Clip Episode - Phillip J. Fry It's a Clip Episode - Phillip J. Fry It's a Clip Episode - Phillip J. Fry It's a Clip Episode - Phillip J. Fry It's a Clip Episode - Phillip J. Fry It's a Clip Episode - Phillip J. Fry It's a Clip Episode - Phillip J. Fry It's a Clip Episode - Phillip J. Fry
Script: "Previously on By Watching You" Narrated by The Plot Exposition Sugar Glider. Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: It's a clip episode! First, the Batman meme woke up and realized something was wrong... Batman: This doesn't make sense Phillip J. Fry: Not sure if this is part of the comic, or about the comic Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: They were in a strange place and about to meet strange people. Robin: Where are we? Fry: I hate when people ask a question that no one around them would know the answer to. Robin: Hello, danger? Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: Doge was the king. Robin didn't have a moment to catch his breath. Doge: Wordbank! Attack! Fry: Not sure if doge saying "wordbank" or wordbank saying it. Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: Until he met a friendly stranger. Not everyone in this place was bad. Driving dog: No time to explain. Get in the van. Fry: Not sure if creepy van meme, or driving dog meme. Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: On the other hand, it turned out to be no stranger at all. Batman: I'm Batman meme! Fry: Not sure if angry, or just passionate. Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: They were in a world of memes. A dangerous place for anyone who wouldn't place along. Batman: Jesus, if you take this wheel, I swear to god. Jesus: Swear to me! Screeeeeetch! Fry: Not sure if sacrilegious, or exactly what Jesus would do... Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: Batman meme learned the truth and there was a BIG REVEAL. Batman: Someone woke us for a reason. Fry: Not sure if comic is going somewhere, or just a series of dramatic poses. Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: Armed with nothing and driven by a singular purpose, to find who turned them from unthinking memes to self aware heroes, their search came up short. They needed help. Batman: Then we're out of leads. We'll have to pay another visit to the king... Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: But even getting back to the Doge King in this place was perilous. They got side tracked more than once. Fry whistles: Too Many Cooks Robin: Alright, I just felt a thumb. Who was that?! Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: They had to make some decisions that tested their principles. "When you ride alone, you ride with Hitler! Join a car-sharing club today!" Fry: Not sure if quiet or both quietly angry. Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: Meanwhile, this new life was beginning to take a toll. Robin: I can't get my bearings, Batman. I feel lost constantly. My memories aren't even real. You know what that's like? Batman: Real is relative around here. If it's a meme, it's real. Fry: Not sure if self awareness is all that great. Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: Batman faced off against the Doge King's stooge, the wordbank, knowing that a meme's power comes from its popularity. Or does it? POW! Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: With Batman defeated and unable to escape, the Doge King had a magnanimous change of heart. Really he just decided these two posted not threat to his power as king of the memes. Batman: A truce? Doge: wow, so silly, such harmless, ask questions, doges knows Batman: Tell me who woke me. Fry: Hey... I'm sure he wasn't raining when that clip was originally published... Fry: And I've never heard of a Plot Exposition Sugar Glider... Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: I'm a real meme. I swear! Plot Exposition Sugar Glider: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!