Je Suis Charlie - #jesuischarlie Je Suis Charlie - #jesuischarlie Je Suis Charlie - #jesuischarlie Je Suis Charlie - #jesuischarlie Je Suis Charlie - #jesuischarlie Je Suis Charlie - #jesuischarlie
Script: Jesus: Your work to defeat the Marty McFly meme was just OK. It was solid, but not perfect. It has the makings of a good meme. At least you learned Lesson 1. Lesson 1: Fight memes with memes. Jesus: On to Lesson 2. There's a meme down the street that-- Batman: No!!! Robin: You haven't explained shit. You didn't even tell us why you tried to kill us. Jesus: Use your brain, kid. Memes can't be killed in a car accident. Batman: We're not going anywhere, until you explain what you want from us. Jesus: ... Jesus: Fine. Batman, get one of the newspapers from that box. Meme: This meme has been censored because the artist is afraid of jihadists. #JeSuisCharlie Batman: Who did this? Jesus: It hardly matters. This was truly the work of an atrocious and powerful meme. I can't fight memes by myself anymore. I grow weaker every year. I'm a joke. I've made mistakes in the past. But now I need your help. Batman: ... OK. What do you need me to do?